The compass of the IRG has changed. Have a look at its new project on www.institut-gouvernance.org.


An intercultural, cross-disciplinary and multi-actor forum exploring governance

Created in 2006 at the initiative of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation, the Institute for Research and Debate on Governance aims to :

  • identify and analyze innovative practices of interaction between public institutions and non-state actors (civil society, private sector, citizens ...) which enable the development of effective and legitimate regulations in the public sphere ;
  • cross and unite new approaches and proposals that go beyond the dominant discourse, often very prescriptive on governance.

The Institute for Research and Debate on Governance is a "think tank" based in Paris. Its mission is to facilitate debate on governance in order to support the development of public policies and development programs. It does so by producing or having expertise produced, by setting up training modules, by organising seminars, and by gathering and disseminating documentation (website and publications). To this end, the IRG uses a methodology that is :

  • Intercultural, by connecting networks of researchers and practitioners from all five continents and by showing the diversity of cultural responses to governance issues.
  • Cross-disciplinary, by the crossing of inputs from specialists in the fields of political science, anthropology, economics, law, etc.
  • Multi-actor, through the connection of the realms of academia, local and national administration, civil society organisations, and private sector.
  • Multi-scale, by the taking into account of the relationships and coordination between the different levels of governance. Each level of governance interacts with others and cannot be thought of at its territorial scale alone.

The IRG’s activities revolve around four programs :