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Institute for Research and Debate on Governance

Coproduction of Public Action Program Activity

Coresponsibility of actors in the control of public action

The IRG and its partners analyze here the evolution of control initiatives and of the safeguards aimed at strengthening the accountability of all actors involved in public action. With the development of practices from the civil society ("citizen control", "social control"), the control of public action is now provided for by a diverse range of actors (state and non-state).In addition, it is no longer solely focused on stare actors but on all those involved in public policy (private sector, NGOs ...). The objective is to study the various methods of control, how it can impact and enhance the efficiency of public action, including helping to reduce the gap between the stated objectives of public policies and the results of their implementation. More generally, it is an important reconnecting factor between people and public institutions – which in turn increases their legitimacy.

To find out more: read the IRG Coresponsibility for the Control of Public Action note [ PDF - Permanent link ]

Comparative study: Citizen control of parliamentary activity in Colombia, France and Mexico

Many citizens’ initiatives in monitoring and control of the legislature were born in Latin America (Congreso Visible, Foro por Colombia in Colombia; Fundar in Mexico). Moreover, in France, blogs, websites and think tanks have been launched on the monitoring of Parliament. The IRG identifies these experiences and makes an analysis of the effects of this citizen control over legislative action.

This study has received support from the deputy of the French from Latin America, Sergio Coronado.

More information: read the dedicated dossier (in French and Spanish)

Evaluation of a series of social control exercises in Colombia - Transparency for Colombia

Since 2009, Transparency for Colombia (TPC) has been managing a social/citizen control fund financed by various aid agencies and private foundations. Each year, twenty some social / citizen control exercises are undertaken in different parts of Colombia. In 2013, the IRG conducted an evaluation of these exercises. Its findings center on the obstacles and learned lessons from the implementation of social control, and the impact it has on public action policy.

To find out: read the evaluation’s executive summary (in Spanish only)