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Irg partners

Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation

The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation is the IRG’s main financial backer. The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation works primarily in the areas of governance and sustainable development. It also produces methods and innovative collaborative tools.

: www.fph.ch

Charles Léopold Mayer Publishing House

The Editions Charles Léopold Mayer publishing house publishes works of analysis, reflection and proposals so as to renew practices and mechanisms of action that are currently being developed both locally and at the level of a global society searching for alternatives and new ideas. Some of the main themes published include fair trade, international cooperation, intercultural dialogue, social economy, social finance, responsible tourism, local and global governance, participatory democracy, public goods, social responsibility, peace building, ethics, communication, environmental management, sustainable development, citizen science …

: www.eclm.fr

Sciences Po Paris

Sciences Po is a selective and diverse French university specializing in the humanities and social sciences. It devotes 40% of its budget to research. Its openness to the world is embodied in its educational project, its research policy, and its partnerships with leading foreign universities.

: www.sciencespo.fr/

Agence universitaire de la Francophonie

The AUF is present on every continent with more than 434 agents stationed in 65 branch locations operating under nine regional offices. Since 1989, this university association is a vector for French-speaking institutions. As a partner to establishments for higher education and research who have chosen French as their teaching language, the AUF proposes several cooperation programmes, designed in particular to support research and education in French.Each year the AUF hands out more than 2 000 grants through its mobility programme. Its budget, which amounts to over EUR 40 million, comes essentially form the government of France and, to a lesser extent, from Canada-Quebec, Belgium’s French Community, Switzerland and Cameroon.

: www.auf.org/

Comité catholique contre la faim et pour le développement

The CCFD is an association comprising of 29 movements and services of the Catholic Church. It has a permanent staff of 170 members, based in Paris and in various regions of France, who work to fulfill CCFD objectives centered on the core values of supporting partners from the South and the East, and the promotion of education for sustainable development. It is today the top French development NGO

: ccfd-terresolidaire.org/

Comité français pour la solidarité internationale

The CFSI brings together 23 organizations working for international solidarity. CFSI members unite to face together, and with their developing countries partners, the challenges of the future: social justice aimed at reducing poverty and increasing inequalities; the economy at the service of man and not vice versa; and the equitable sharing and sustainable management of the planet’s natural resources.

: www.cfsi.asso.fr

University Pierre Mendès France - Centre d’études et de recherche sur le droit, histoire, administration publique

Created in the 1990s, the CERDHAP - Center for studies and research on law, history and public administration -, is part of the Faculty of Law of Grenoble and is defined as an interdisciplinary research center (Law, History, Political Science) dedicated to the study of the historical development of public institutions and contemporary transformations of public action, especially with regards to land issues.

: cerdhap.upmf-grenoble.fr

Ministère français des affaires étrangères et européennes - sous-direction de la gouvernance démocratique et Direction amériques

: www.diplomatie.gouv.fr

confederation of websites for a worldwide democracy

Born in 2009, the Communauté des sites ressources pour une démocratie mondiale (Coredem) is the product of a Ritmo and FPH (Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l’Homme) initiative. The online community thereby created aims to bring together the organizations which have decided to team up and pool together their information and analyses so as to facilitate public access to their respective information resources.

: www.coredem.info

Research Institute for Contemporary Maghreb

: www.irmcmaghreb.org/

Hanns Seidel Foundation for Maghreb

: www.hssma.org/

Diraset - Maghreb Studies


Founded in 2003, the Traversées association was inspired on the work of the Alliance towards a Responsible, Plural and United World and the World Citizens’ Assembly (in 2001). It was born from the idea that new connections between individual development and collective transformation are required in order to build a sustainable world based on solidarity. Since 2008, its work revolves around three focal points: participation in the emergence of new political and citizens’ spaces, locally and moving towards the global sphere; use of different methodologies in following up initiatives that prompt new answers and alternatives in education, sustainability and governance; and communication aimed at supporting citizens’ actions.

: www.traversees.org