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An intellectual endeavor for a plural approach of constitutions in order to promote legitimate democratic governance

Analysis and debate note - Diversity and legitimate democratic governance

novembre 2012

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This note has been prepared within the framework of the International Network for Reflection and Proposals on a Plural Approach to Constitutions (INC), initiated and coordinated by the IRG. Its purpose is to open up to debate the INC’s analysis on the formulation and plural methodology of public action, and in this case with regards to constitutions. For the INC, the plural approach is in fact a vector of change for legitimate public governance – for which the INC actively advocates the recognition and development. To do so, the INC proposes to develop its formulation and operational axes. The note recalls the postulate of the plural approach: public action must take diversity into consideration. It so happens that pluralism, the observation of and the taking into account of, is increasingly developed. However, it is important to take the necessary precautions so as to not fall in a restrictive or partial approach that would lead to monism or culturalism. A qualitative leap in the analysis of the plural approach is needed. This is what the INC and the IRG propose through the concept of integral articulation as presented in this note.