Tous responsables ? L’expérience de la municipalité citoyenne et collégiale de Saillans (Drôme)

Title in English : All Responsible? The experience of the collegiate citizen municipality of Saillans (France)

Movie’s language : French

Subtitles available : Spanish , English

Interview with Tristan Rechid, citizen and member of the Council of the Wise Men of the municipality of Saillans (Drôme), in the context of the publication of “All responsible? Chronicles of Governance 2015” by the IRG.

Back on the experience of this citizen and collegiate list that won the last municipal elections (March 2014):

  • What are the operation, responsibilities and legality of this representative and participatory democracy in Saillans?

  • What are the role and responsibility of the elected officials?

  • What are the role and co-responsibility of the inhabitants?

  • Who watches over this collegiality and co-construction?

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