FACTS Reports: Stories of Innovative Democracy at Local Level

With the support : Institut de recherche et de débat sur la gouvernance

Release Date: October 1, 2014 ; Number of pages : 117

Material Type : Collaboration of IRG to other books

Geographical areas : Africa ; Asia ; Europe ; South America

KeyWords : Participative democracy ; citizens’ involvement in public decision

Language: English

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Foreword by Georges Valentis



  • Stories of innovative democracy at local level: enhancing participation, activism and social change across the world - Dr Danny Sriskandarajah

  • Democratic innovations: reshaping public governance? - Ivan Crouzel


  • The Lisbon Participatory Budget: results and perspectives on an experience in slow but continuous transformation - Giovanni Allegretti and Sofi a Antunes

  • Local democratic government and the promotion of rights for children and teenagers: An experience in Argentina - Osvaldo Elissetche and Liliana Seiras

  • The Nigerian Budget: Using Creative Technology to Intersect Civic Engagement and Institutional Reform - Oluseun Onigbinde

  • New forms of democratic local governance: The case of the Citizen’s Committee for Decentralise Cooperation ot the City of Rome - Vanna Ianni

  • Smart Policy Making: Citizens’ Voice, Sustainable Choice - Alex Sardar, Lusine Hakobyan, Negar Tayyar and Tatevik Davtyan

  • Empowering Citizen Deliberation in Direct Democratic Elections: A Field Study of the 2012 Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review - Katherine R. Knobloch, John Gastil, Traci Feller and Robert C. Richards, Jr.

  • The Atelier Climat, a French citizen consultation process set up to promote sustainable development: a local democratic innovation? - Estelle-Fleur Galateau

  • Citizens Participation in the budget making process of the State of Odisha (India): Opportunities, Learnings And Challenges - Pravas Ranjan Mishra

  • Local innovations and initiatives in the management of confl icts and health risks in agro-pastoral zones: the SAREL and PASEL projects in the Dakoro, department in Niger - Habibou Ibrahim, Marc Mormont and Boubacar Yamba

  • Community participation and water supply in deprived areas of Madagascar - Landitiana Soamarina Miakatra

  • Transparency in delivery of entitlements through empowered Civil Society Organisations (CSOs): The Consortium of Groups for Combating Corruption (CGCC) model in Rajasthan, India - Om Prakash Arya and Madhu Sudan Sharma

  • Why local realities matter for Citizens’ Voice and Accountability. Lessons from Mwananchi Uganda pilot projects - Andrew Kawooya Ssebunya

  • Community development and participation in Togo: the case of AGAIB Plateaux - Tossou Atchrimi

  • Participatory Budgeting, Rural Public Services and Pilot Local Democracy Reform - Ming Zhuang

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